For Awarding Bodies, Universities, Government Bodies & Corporations
From test digitilisation to final delivery


We offer a truly end-to end solution, with a network of test centres that we regularly put at the disposal of other Test Providers who do not have any or sufficient capacity of their own and who are more than familiar with the quality of our sites. These are the modules that you can combine to meet your needs:

  • Test development
  • Test authoring
  • Test delivery
  • Access to global network of test centres
  • Payment gateway
  • Candidate registration
  • Scheduling
  • Candidate support

This is our value proposition:

Test Development

If you wish to create tests from scratch, with your input our experts will take care of the design and blueprint, item development, review and maintenance of your item banks

Test Migration

If your current assessments are paper-based, ITTS will be happy to digitalise these for you.

Test Authoring

ITTS will provide user-friendly item banking solutions that will enable you to create and edit items in a collaborative workflow, assemble and publish test forms and monitor the performance of those items.

Test Delivery

We have an extensive global network of seasoned test centers which are tried and tested through having delivered a wide range of different test types and having faced the challenge of using a number of different technology solutions for test delivery.